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  • Level 1     •      Interior + Exterior Valet
    Vehicles require constant attention to stay looking their best. ARK's Level 1 Valet package provides all that you need to keep your car looking clean and highly presentable. Included: LEVEL 1 EXTERIOR - Pre Rinse - 2 Bucket Safe Wash - Door Shuts Cleaned - Tyres Dressed - Panel Wiped - Liquid Wax/Sealant applied LEVEL 1 INTERIOR - Carpets Vacuumed - Hard Surfaces are Cleaned and Dressed - Leather Surfaces Cleaned and Protected
  • Level 2     •      Full Vehicle Valet
    Often it is the unseen areas that are the most crucial. Our tailormade Level 2 Valet package provides you the most effective mix of exterior, interior and underbody protection lasting for up to three months. Included: LEVEL 2 EXTERIOR - Level 1 Exterior + Arches + Underbody Jet Washed + Snow Foam/Citrus Pre Wash + Liquid Fallout Remover Applied + Door Shuts and Seals Cleaned + Glass Polished Inside and Out + Autoglym Ultra HD Paste Wax or Sealant Applied by Hand LEVEL 2 INTERIOR - Level 1 Interior + Glass Polished Inside and Out + Interior Hard Surfaces Sealed
  • Level 3     •      Clay Bar Detail
    Contamination can hinder the impact of your vehicle. ARK's Level 3 Detail package offers full decontamination for every area of your vehicle, followed with lasting all-round protection for up to 5 months. Included: LEVEL 3 EXTERIOR - Level 1 Exterior - Level 2 Exterior + Paintwork is Clay Barred by Hand to Remove All Contamination + Polish and Glaze Applied (By Hand or DA Machine - Depending on Depth and Condition of Paintwork) + Paintwork is Sealed with Ultra HD Wax, Synthetic Sealant or Customer's Supplied Preference + All Exterior plastics are Dressed and Conditioned LEVEL 3 INTERIOR - Level 1 Interior - Level 2 Interior + Carpets Shampooed, Rinsed and Dried + Seats Shampooed + All Leather Surfaces Conditioned + Headlining Cleaned
  • Level 4     •      Clay Bar + Paint Correction Detail
    Detailing is the art of perfecting what the factory weren't able to. Our Level 4 Detail package includes all procedures required to restore an all-encompassing deep lustre to your vehicle, whilst fully protecting the underside and engine bay of your investment. Included: LEVEL 4 EXTERIOR - Level 1 Exterior - Level 2 Exterior - Level 3 Exterior + Citrus Pre Wash + Secondary Pre Wash (Snowfoam/TFR) + Exterior Surfaces are 1 or 2 stage Machine Compounded + Swirl Marks, Blemishes and Scratches Removed LEVEL 4 INTERIOR - Level 1 Interior - Level 2 Interior - Level 3 Interior + All Trim Finishes are Corrected by Specialist Interior Machine Compounding
  • Level 5 • Paint Correction + Ceramic Detail
    Specialist procedures require experienced hands. With the ARK Level 5 package, you can ensure that your vehicle has the best protection available today. Ceramic nano-tech coatings provides a semi-permanent barrier to your vehicles surfaces, with protection lasting up to 2 years. Included: LEVEL 5 EXTERIOR - Level 1 Exterior - Level 2 Exterior - Level 3 Exterior - Level 4 Exterior + Ceramic Coatings are Applied to All Painted Exterior Surfaces + Ceramic Coatings are Applied to All Exterior Plastics LEVEL 5 INTERIOR - Level 1 Interior - Level 2 Interior - Level 3 Interior - Level 4 Interior

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ARK Automotive Storage and Detailing


At ARK we can offer multiple valeting and detailing services to suit you and your cars' individual requirements.

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Our bespoke detailing packages ensure your vehicle is best protected against the natural elements, and ready for the drive ahead.

ARK Automotive Detailing Royal Tunbridge Wells
BMW M4CS ARK Automotive Detailing Storage
Maserati GranTurismo ARK Automotive Detailing Transportation
VW Beetle ARK Automotive Detailing Transportation
Alfa Romeo ARK Automotive Detailing Storage


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