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Ark Care

keeping you in the loop

ARK documentation
Tyre Care

All time spent at ARK is fully documented and logged. A vehicle report is produced monthly and sent straight to you.

Our report includes: A set of photographs; all gauge readings checked and noted;  all electrics checked (incl. motors); a mileage check; level and condition of all fluids; a detailed tyre condition report and a report on the battery.

We keep you in the loop, every step of the way

Tyres have the ability to make or break any vehicle, and at ARK we understand the importance of keeping these in perfect order. ARK Tyre Care reports issues about the driving characteristics, safety and condition of your vehicle.

We monitor these crucial elements, so that you don't have to


Upon entry to ARK, all vehicles are given a complimentary ARK Level 1 Exterior Valet. The vehicle is then given a 24 hour air-dry before being covered for hibernation to ensure your vehicle is in the best possible condition for storage.

Your vehicle can be started and warmed twice a month. It is run up to operating temperature (both engine and transmission), with all controls tested and then put back to rest. Air Conditioning is also tested and recorded, however this is conducted once a month to ensure the best operation.

This is the ARK method for keeping systems at their optimal

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