As owners ourselves we appreciate that cars can be a high-maintenance and time hungry investment. At ARK we take the hassle out of ownership, and ensure the fun parts stay just that!

Our hallmark service and unique facility  provides an automotive home from home, with every car staying at ARK being treated just as we would expect our own vehicles to be. 

Like people, cars will thrive best when properly cared for. At ARK we have the knowledge and expertise to keep your car in top health whilst in total security, providing you with the ultimate ownership experience.

Not just 'a barn'

Our building is just 2 years old and is certainly not just 'a barn'. 

With fully insulated steel clad walls and sealed doorways; everything in the facility has been designed with the explicit purpose of storage. No UV light can enter through the roof, preventing damage to leathers and woods. Likewise the building holds a 55%RH (Relative Humidity) reading inside, providing the perfect condition for the storage of cars. At below 60%RH bare metal can be stored without rusting and this has always been our target.

Security is our top priority; with our alarm system having 24hr manned live video access and control through a well-known trusted external security company with auto dial-out to the Police; and a multitude of sensors and cameras placed throughout the building. If something moves, we know about it!